Skills test - Three exercises

Participants: At least two.

Requirements: Any sword and shield, a ping pong ball or similar, and a ring with a diameter of about 10 cm.

Whether you're a knight, a princess, or something entirely different, you need to practice with your sword and shield! In this game, you compete with one or more other aspirants in three selected exercises. Each won exercise gives one point.

  1. Ring Riding (without a horse)
    In this exercise, you must demonstrate your precision with the sword. A ring is hung up in a strategic location where no accidents can happen, after which the participants must run and hit the ring on the move with the sword. The winner is the first to succeed three times.

  2. Sword Strike Power
    Here, you must prove your strike power by hitting and shooting the ping pong ball as far away as possible with your sword. This requires someone to serve the ball, so the swordsman can concentrate on their swing. The winner is the one who shoots the ping pong ball the farthest.

  3. Shield Balance
    Finally, you must demonstrate your balance skills. A course is marked out, which the participants must traverse while balancing their shield horizontally, so that the ping pong ball can rest on it. After that, it's all about completing the distance as quickly as possible without the ping pong ball rolling off. If it falls off, you may not continue until it is placed on the shield again.

    Knight Sword · Blue


    King Sword


    Princess Sword


    Knight Shield · Blue


    King Shield


    Princess Shield