Princess Set Princess Set

Princess Set

Crystal Princess gift set w. sword and shield

249,95 kr
Princess Crown Princess Crown

Princess Crown

Panopli-The Panopli Princess Line

79,99 kr
Prinsessesværd Prinsessesværd


The Crystal Princess Line

129,95 kr
Princess Cape Princess Cape

Princess Cape

The Crystal Princess Line

249,99 kr
Princess Sword Princess Sword

Princess Sword

Diamond Heart

119,95 kr
Princess Mirror Princess Mirror

Princess Mirror

The Panopli Princess Line

74,99 kr
Princess Sword  Princess Sword

Princess Sword

The Panopli Princess Line

89,99 kr
Princess Drinking Bottle Princess Drinking Bottle

Princess Drinking Bottle

The Crystal Princess Line

79,95 kr
Princess Shield Princess Shield

Princess Shield

The Panopli Princess Line

179,99 kr
Princess Sword Princess Sword

Princess Sword

Rose Mary

119,95 kr


Liontouch's princess collections are the perfect way for girls to transform into adventurous princesses. The main series is the Crystal Princess, Prince Lionheart's skilled sister, known for her fencing skills and beauty. The collection includes swords, shields, and other accessories decorated with beautiful crystals and an elegant lioness, symbolizing strength and courage. With Liontouch's princess collections, girls can explore fantasy worlds and create their own adventures, while developing their creativity and confidence. 

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EVA foam is a type of foam rubber that is great for making toys because it is extremely flexible and durable. It can be made in any color you want and with different degrees of flexibility. The material is also used for things like shoe soles and yoga mats.

Liontouch is created based on a passion for fencing. We believe that it is completely natural for children to play with swords, and therefore we want to provide safe swords that meet all the rules of the game and do not have plastic reinforcements inside that can potentially wear down the foam and poke through.

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