Presenting the Liontouch Sword Collection

Liontouch presents the new Sword Collection! The collection is our latest series featuring 12 different swords in vibrant colors, appealing to all children ready for play – with no theme other than colorful swords, it's all about picking a favorite. The collection swords are available in three versions: as a 3-Pack, a 6-Pack, and a display box with 48 pieces. So, choose the version that best suits you.

To inspire how to kick off a game with the Collection Swords, we have made a suggestion for a game below that you can use as a starting point. Our focus is to encourage a game characterized by activity, strategy, and social interaction.

Protect the Treasure with a Collection Sword

Participants: As many as possible - just make sure the teams are fairly equal.

Required: A Collection Box/a Collection Set and a "treasure".

All participants are equipped with a Collection Sword. They are then divided into two teams: one to guard the treasure and one to attempt to steal it. The treasure is placed in a designated location, the guardians take their positions, and so do the thieves. The goal for the thieves is to get their hands on the treasure - either by cunning or by defeating the guardians with their swords. If a guardian is struck in the torso, they are out of the game. However, if the attacker is hit, they are also out until the next round. If hit in the arm, it can no longer be used, and if hit in the leg, the player must hop. It is forbidden to hit the head. The round is won when the treasure is captured and brought to safety, or when all thieves are defeated. 

Sword Collection Set · 3-Pack

259,95 kr

Sword Collection Set · 6-Pack

399,95 kr

Sword Collection Box · 48 pcs.

3.599,95 kr